Sunday, March 17, 2013

Post-Race Blahs and Summer Plans

Today, my running buddy and friend, Heather K ran the Los Angeles Marathon and improved her time by almost 30 minutes – awesome. I feel like I can share her glory since I run with her a lot. I know our runs have been getting brisk and she has been injury free for months. Her running has been incredibly solid for the last 6 months and it just felt like she was making a big stride forward in her conditioning. The race today proved it to be true.

Heather and I at Surf City Half Marathon
 I have had a bit of the post race blues after the Desert Triathlon and I am feeling a distinct lack of motivation. I know I am supposed to get back on that horse and sign up for another race but I think I am going to just train more and get stronger for a bit.  I think the fall on my bike and the accompanying injuries really didn’t register in my body for at least 24-36 hours after and being achy for a week made me feel a bit down about racing again. I didn’t even realize how bad I hurt my hip till I ran the Tuesday after the race and finally took a look at the back of my hip and found a huge deep and ugly bruise. It was such an epic bruise that it had the texture of the pavement reflected in it. My arm hurt and my knee swelled from the fall also.

Despite having the blahs, I enjoy the rhythm of training although I have dialed it back a lot. I am working hard on a book about sailing and our travels on our boat and I find myself lost in writing and spacing my rides or runs. I guess I am not a true type A! I love running because I live near the beach and it’s lovely way to step away from the computer. I like my bike a lot but frankly sometimes triathlon training can be overwhelming.

The pool at my 5:30 AM swim
I have decided not to sign up for another tri until the end of summer. I will do Malibu and Los Angeles in September and October. I would like to do some more ocean swims – yes maybe races this summer because of where I live it is such an awesome opportunity that I might not have again. It’s also a challenge – I went from abject fear of ocean swimming to enjoying it on a nice sunny day. I think back of last summer of diving thru the waves and ending up with dolphins and fishes around me…really beautiful.

I need to some focus on my swimming. Currently, I am out of rank newbie lane unless I am injured and I am able to keep up with my lane mates so long as I throw those lazy intermediate people out of the lane and up a lane. Really please – I have swum with you for 3 years – I know your pace so get the hell into the next lane up. Swimming me into the ground might be fun for you but not so much for me. I do enjoy swimming with people slightly faster because they make me push harder. My favorite swim buddy probably swims on average 2 seconds faster than me which is just perfect to make me try a wee bit harder. By the end of good lengthy set, she is starting to pull away and leaving the wall when I get back. I can kill her in a sprint though – petty I know. UGH – did I say it was fun – I must be nuts.

The other “training” thing which is a physical workout is doing exterior woodwork on our boat – sanding and painting. Last year I did it right before I started Triathlons and I felt very strong because of good upper body and core strength from all the physical labor on the boat. It’s a big boat and sanding and painting the cap rail it’s like doing 200 squats a day. I like to think of it as ultimate cross training. I always think hey it’s a little itty strip of wood – how much effort can it take? Never underestimate trim….

The boat on a grey SoCal Winter Day
I need to finish the wood before the summer as we like to sail to Catalina Cat Harbor for the weekends and I will either run or hike out there and swim the harbor. Cat Harbor is a nice long skinny harbor and I can get a mile in easily and more if I lap around our anchorage. It can get bouncy on the outer part of the harbor so generally don’t swim too far out. There is a rip current right outside the harbor which is awesome when sailing down but I don’t fancy feeling that pull. I swim without a wet suit out there to build my temp tolerance but it’s a flat water harbor and not much to worry about but if I am not swimming with my son then I make my husband float around in the dingy although this summer I hope he will swim with me. So much more fun with company…!

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  1. awwww. Thanks Kate. Turns out beat it by 15 minutes. Not sure what is going on. Think I'm in a good rhythm. May have to get back to swim myself. No need to sign up for more races. DO it when you feel the need. Train and enjoy. Build goals during training you want to accomplish. And of course can always sign up for occasional 5, 10k and half if you want :) xxoo